FTC Disclosure Update

I’d tell you to go here and jump to the bottom, but I think this merits repeating here in a post:

November 30, 2013 Update: I should have added this sooner given how it’s come up more than once. There are ads on this blog. I do not put them there. I use the WordPressdotcom service for free. In exchange for that, WordPressdotcom sells ad space to cover my free use. I don’t see these ads unless I’m logged out — and I’m hardly ever logged out. None of the money WordPressdotcom collects goes to me. I have no say over what ads appear, either. I could make the ads go away by paying for a premium tier of WordPressdotcom but I’m not yet at the point where that’s something I want to do. This is not intended to be a permanent endeavor like a professional website that exists to pay people. That this one blog has now continued for several years surprises even me.

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