The Internet Versus Books, Yet Again

The internet is wiping out gardening books so I’m giving up, says author, 85

To write a bestseller now you need to choose something that you can’t look up on Google.


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2 responses to “The Internet Versus Books, Yet Again

  1. Martin

    HA..85…probably is good age to retire anyway.

  2. I’ve always thought that Google and internet search is a great destroyer of creativity as well as, in some ways, a catalyst. On the downside, your titles can’t be very creative. For example, my book, written as Jimmy Lee Shreeve, Blood Rites, was out in the UK back in 2005 or around then. Bad title for internet. So the U.S. publisher calls it Human Sacrifice. Neither title is really very riveting. But the latter is searchable and findable!

    You can see how the internet wouldn’t sustain a Byron or a Shelley. They’d be unheard of as no-one would stumble across them.

    And on top of all that, there is MASSIVE glut of writing. Supply FAR outweighs demand.

    So books and all writing are doomed. I’d recommend ALL writers retire, even if they are 15.

    That said, if there are ever going to be winners they will be the ones rejecting the robotic stasis of the internet and going back to the roots, being mad, bad and dangerous along the lines of Byron. Saying “fuck the search engines” and going off to merrily compose iambic pentameters and saying to hell with the dull robots of our Age of Lies.

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