Google Books PDF Death Match: Retina iPad Mini

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The Retina iPad Mini screeeeeeams.

I’ve never seen websites build that fast on any tablet.

It’s a gorgeous piece of tech, easy to hold, and lovely to look at.

I tried it at the Apple Store, so these are units the staff make sure work properly. So what’s up with the reduced touch sensitivity of the screen? I noticed the same thing with the iPad Air but figured it was an anomaly. Encountering it twice tells me it’s likely not.

I had to press on things more than once to get a response. I’ve never had that happen with prior versions of any iPad. Maybe it just doesn’t like my fingertips?

I suppose I could live with iOS 7 if I had to. I still think the design looks very malnourished, though.

As for the Google Books PDF test: As expected, the Mini silently crashed and rebooted when I tried to download via Safari the massive PDF of The American Magazine. So that test was out of the question.

So I resorted to Success: A Novel, which I’ve done since the first iPad.

And look at the result in the video:

If you don’t see it, let me say it: It screeeeeamed. That was the fastest handling I’ve seen any tablet do of that PDF. It’s what I expected out of the iPad since it was first introduced. But it’s taken five generations to get there. (Tell me again how your silly games are a measure of horsepower!)

Apple fans will tell me I should use an app to download and read massive Google Books PDFs. And I’ll say again that’s not something I can do in an Apple Store and I’m not going to buy an iPad just to see if it works. That’s bass-ackwards. Show me it works first.



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5 responses to “Google Books PDF Death Match: Retina iPad Mini

  1. mr. bisch

    I agree with all you said in the last paragraph, but since I already have GoodReader for reading purposes and horsepower screeeeeeams, looks like the choice for me is clear now. Thanks!

    What can you say about the display quality, I mean, compared to non-retina screens and with regards to the screen size? Is it an overkill?

  2. mr. bisch

    Well, then, horsepower+good screen: that’s it for me. Slate 8 must show some serious advantages for me to change my mind. But first it must show itself somewhere soon… at all.

  3. mr. bisch

    Since I was bugging you around here with my questions, it seemed only appropriate to chime in with the latest news.

    Finally, I ended up with the iPad mini retina and I must say it’s perfect for e-reading. Absolutely perfect. Screen is meticulous and I have iBooks handling some heavy PDF’s for me and it’s doing so without a hiccup. Granted, I have downloaded them via GoodReader (essential app, IMO), but the end result is what matters, I guess…

    Battery life is also amazing. Currently it’s a bit over the 6h of usage with 55% left; few hours of YouTube streaming over WiFi, casual browsing (embedded video viewing included) and reading. No gaming.

    Not a mere recommendation; this is absolute must for anyone looking for 8″ e-reader with some bells&whistles.

    And who can afford the damn thing.

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