Dell Venue 8 Pro: Windows And Android

This is the Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet that runs Windows 8.1:



Now there might be a whole new reason to buy it.

It can also run Android!




Here’s a video of that:

I’d really like to know what the AnTuTu X score is of Android running on it.

I also wonder how it’d handle Google Books PDFs using Foxit Mobile PDF.

Previously here:

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3 responses to “Dell Venue 8 Pro: Windows And Android

  1. joe

    there are too many lag issues and bugs from what i read and its not that smooth but i hear they are still trying , who knows they may get it to run but it is not on that 4:3 aspect you like i dont believe

  2. E.T.

    He’s emulating Android on top of windows using a program called Genymotion (as opposed to installing the Android OS directly). It’s an interesting idea and I didn’t try this specific program but i suspect there’s considerable loss of performance because everything passes through the Windows layer.

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