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Colorfly To Do Atom-Based iPad Mini Clone

I still monitor China almost daily even though I’m not doing iPad Mini clones here any longer (truth be told, there hasn’t been much movement on those anyway).


Today brings the news of Colorfly doing an iPad Mini clone with an Intel Atom CPU [Google Translate].

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Ramos Finds New Way To Cheat At AnTuTu With Atom CPU

The new i8 eight-inch tablet from Ramos gets a review and reveals bad news:


Even the folks at Engadget China are skeptical [Google Translate]:

Ramos i8 Z2580 2GHz with Intel dual-core processor, RAM and 1GB ROM combination of 16GB, but also the largest expansion of 32GB via MicroSD memory capacity. This configuration can bring what kind of experience? May wish to look at the run of the light, its security Bunny [AnTuTu] score points at 29,210, a little unbelievable

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

There is no way in hell that score isn’t fraudulent. The Atom scores in the 20,000-range using AnTuTu 4.x, period. This means that Ramos has found a new way to cheat at AnTuTu. Be forewarned. If Ramos will cheat, so will others.

For reference, see: Ramos i9 Tablet AnTuTu Score Confuses

And for a legit AnTuTu X score I did myself, see: Fondle: Dell Venue 8 Android Tablet

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Prosecute The Bankers

Why are bankers investigated in Iceland and not so much elsewhere?

Today, I was interviewed both on BBC radio 5 live and BBC radio 2 regarding bankers being sentenced to prison in Iceland. On both stations I was asked why bankers are being prosecuted in Iceland. I would rather turn that question around? Why are bankers not being investigated – and eventually charged, if there is a case against them – in other countries, for example in Britain?

Lets imagine that a huge big building crashes in the centre of London. Luckily, no one gets killed but damages run to millions, the whole area is disrupted, causing further financial damages and troubles for people and businesses for weeks and months and even years. How would this incident be treated? Would the authorities just say that this was tough luck and let it be? No, I very much doubt it. This incident would be investigated to the core and no one would rest until the cause was found. Also to make sure other buildings could not just suddenly and unexpectedly collapse. If it was then found there was willful negligence, corners cut to make more money and there would be emails and other evidence to show it those to blame would be prosecuted and their case brought to court.

The financial collapse, not just in Iceland but here in the UK and elsewhere was like a huge big building – indeed many of them – crashing. No, no one died but the financial damage has been great, shocks and after-shocks, lives and societies disrupted and upset.

That analogy nails it. That banks in the U.S. have been allowed to go on their merry, crooked ways has to be the scandal of all time.


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