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Archos To Enter iPad Mini Clone Market

I don’t know why I sometimes look at Archos. I must be diseased. Trying to figure out that company and its confusing array of products invites madness.

Nevertheless, they’ll be at CES next month and will probably again display a bunch of tablets that will never appear — or appear too damned late for anyone to care.

One such tablet has a designation of “79” at the FCC.

According to the FCC filing, there is no Chinese source for this tablet (unlike a prior one), and the label says:

Designed by Archos in France&USA Assembled in China Model AC79PL

I believe this is the new Archos 79 Xenon.

And it’s an outright iPad Mini clone.

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R.I.P. Barbara Branden

Barbara Branden dies at 84; Ayn Rand biographer championed her subject

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