Because My Head Is Thick

I keep referring to the Buying Advice! page.

But as I’ve tooled around the Net, I keep seeing tablet bargains that continue to tempt me.

So I’ve had to create a new thing to refer to:

If I buy a cheap tablet, I’ll wonder what a faster tablet is like.

Meanwhile, I’ll have spent money that could’ve gone to a faster tablet.

And I’d have to spend more money for a faster tablet.

If I have the fastest tablet, I won’t wonder what a slower tablet is like.

And I’ll have the fastest tablet and no need to spend more money.

It’s not like I have the money to spend right now anyway. But still.



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14 responses to “Because My Head Is Thick

  1. A geek interested at digital gadgets, i am the same kind of man like you but my english is not so good to say it well.

  2. Booger

    I ordered a refurb Hisense Pro for $85 which I am still waiting on to be delivered from Newegg. Hopefully it will suffice for a year or so. My single core, 384k RAM Samsung Galaxy S Wifi 5.0 is still sufficing 2 years later.

    • mikecane

      >>>My single core, 384k RAM Samsung Galaxy S Wifi 5.0 is still sufficing 2 years later.

      The limitations of that would drive me mad. What’s the AnTuTu? It must be well below 10,000. Maybe 5,000?

  3. joe

    no have the hisense pro 7 in fact 3 of them antutut on all 3 are averaging 12,500 i have had 2 hit well over 14,000 , not bad for 85 bucks imho

  4. t3ch7

    I think either of the Dell Venue Android tablets are fantastic for the price for the budget conscious. They work quite well out of the box and for under $200. I’ve been using a Venue 8 at work and it’s never annoyed me (unless you love to game, then you miss out on some due to the x86 SoC). I have to presume the Venue 7 works just as well even though it runs a slower chip.

    Regarding faster tablets, the upper-end of the market evolves at a weird pace – there are all sorts of trade-offs depending on what one wants that I think are a little more forgiven at the lower-end. The GPe of the LG G Pad is probably the best high-end tablet on the market right now – it’s the best balance of everything besides the price.

    I can’t wait for Bay Trail Android tablets to hit the market – those should be interesting at least from a performance perspective.

  5. E.T.

    Common problem with budget-conscience tech-enthusiasts. The problem is that with your first device you’re not sure yet what is most important to you and what are the possible pitfalls where a device can disappoint – and expensive devices have these too!
    With a smartphone I was able to find a good compromise: I bought a previous generation (i.e. 1.5 yrs old) flagship device with the least number of deal breakers (at the time – more than a year ago – that was the Galaxy S2) and it is still an excellent device for my purposes, I’m not sure if that strategy can translate to tablets yet. The examples I can think of right now are the 2012 Nexus 7 and the Asus TF700
    In the smartphone space, Motorola is (smartly, IMO) aiming at the budget-friendly-reasonable-specs niche with the Moto G. Asus and LG may be aiming there too with some of their tablets but clearly Archos and Acer are unable to get there, and neither is Samsung, which is offering weak dual core tablets in its 2013 Galaxy Tab 3 line.

  6. alexcohn

    I beg to differ. I find that a professional can squeeze much more into a limited device, than a layman. Install a custom ROM, remove bloatware, choose your apps carefully. I am quite happy with a Color NOOK with CyanogenMod: I use it for e-books, audiobooks, web. It can even play cartoons for my children.

  7. bw

    having bought only budget phones because i am on boost mobile i just find myself buying new devices at least every year, but i only pay $40 a month for unlimited text talk and data (2.5 gbs at full speed) (but the price i have paid for this is enormous is the pain i have suffered until now, or next week when i move from single core to quadcore with the moto g, boost mobiles only quad core phone, and the dual core phones are prohibitively priced, 300 to 400 bucks (gs2, gs3 off contract) or had some horrible corner cut that would be a delbreaker) , i actually wanted google now so bad i bought the $99 nextbook 8 last may when it came out, not terrible but so many corners cut, i bought a venue 8 pro and since then i have sparingly used the nextbook since the world (the best parts of the internet) is unfortunately not really ready for android, and the dumbest set of differences of wht it will allow me to live stream for free between my widows tablet (anything) and android (anything if you have a cable subscription or are willing to pay extra)

    but it all comes down to having the money.

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