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The Curse Of Plenty You Can’t Get To

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The story of 2013 is cacophony. How it’s almost impossible to get your message out to anybody but those who truly care. Because we’re inundated with a tsunami of information and can’t be bothered by that which we are not interested in.


But what accounts for that?

In my own case, it’s friction. I’m stuck with a now-ancient PC that gets slower by the day as Firefox updates and every damned thing updates, stealing CPU cycles. So I’m very constrained in how much I can get around the Net. I have little patience and won’t wait for most web pages that take a minute or even two to load. And video? YouTube is nearly unplayable now.

I think this is the case with many people, which is why tablets are so popular. They free people from the curse of machines getting slower (although the iPad is now cursed with that, iOS 7 running like a dying dog on anything but the latest A7 CPU and more powerful GPU). Getting around the Net is much faster.

I know that when I finally have a damn tablet, I’ll be able to do more on the Net — but I’ll also be able to finally read the thousands of Google Books PDFs I have waiting and thousands of eBooks too. So even being able to zoom round the Net will come with the tension of wanting to be off the Net to read.


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Best Buy: Their Worst Last Hope

Tech Companies Press for a Better Retail Experience

If you’re Microsoft and Samsung, you think, I used to have thousands of retail locations and now I’m down to Best Buy.


Jonathan Sandler, a spokesman for Best Buy, declined to make an executive available for an interview, but said the company’s “goal is always to try and stay one step ahead and anticipate the ever-evolving technology wants and needs of our customers.”

I see fifty billion Samsung tablets at Best Buy. No LG GPad 8.3 or HP’s new Android tablets.

Get your customer-anticipating asses in gear.

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