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HP’s Scale = FAIL

When they introduced the original webOS-based TouchPad, HP bragged about the scale of their company.

Apparently that scale lacks anything resembling coordination and nimbleness.

I checked email today and it was only on December 16th — after it was already available on their own website for a month — that HP informed me that the Slate 8 Pro was available.

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Al Goldstein Is Dead

Al Goldstein, Pioneering Pornographer, Dies at 77

I cannot title this post R.I.P. because my feelings about him lean more towards Rot In Hell. That’s probably my own shortcomings showing. But I doubt that. History will be the final judge. As it is of us all.

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Elusive Silver Ramos K1 Unboxed

The Ramos K1 has a 7.9-inch 1024 x 768 IPS screen, a 1GHz Allwinner A31s CPU, and 1GB of RAM in package that mimics the industrial design of the HTC One.

It was originally supposed to be silver but Ramos put out a black one first — and black was supposed to be for the 3G-enabled K2, thus confusing everybody and frustrating buyers who want a silver K1.

Note that the honest AnTuTu score for it is in the 12,000 range. Any AnTuTu score showing it in the 20,000 range is nothing but outright fraud.


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