NYC Intel Pop-Up Store

Photos taken today, Friday December 20, 2013. Resized and resampled to VGA.

Intel plopped a temporary store in Manhattan at 262 Mott Street.


I lightly pawed at some things:


The Lenovo Miix2. Since it has the same guts as the Dell Venue 8 Pro, I didn’t really try it aside from getting on Twitter to brag I was trying it.

This Acer Aspire R7 …


I thought was interesting because of the ginormous tablet portion. And the screen resolution was pretty good. I didn’t notice the pixel grain as I did on an HP slate-top.

And this Dell…



… has one of those twirly screens. Again, the screen seemed good, not grainy. The keyboard sticker:


I hadn’t paid attention to these new Intel Inside devices, so I was glad I went to the store. Because later in the day I came across that Acer again, and this time I did notice it:


And even snapped the price:


The shortcoming of the Intel Store was that some units lacked brand names, so I couldn’t tell which company did what. I would have liked to have seen some placards with the brand name, model number, tech specs, and price range.

The major plus of a store like this is that I got to see things that — I noticed today — aren’t stocked at Best Buy or J&R.

I have a feeling stores like these will be our miserable future as a chain like Best Buy stupidly further slashes its inventory.

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