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2006 jWin Vs. iPod Nano

I bought a cheapo jWin MP3 player back in 2006. Despite a few problems, it’s done the job and the sound to my ears — paired with a set of pretty good (though also cheap) earbuds — is very good. But due to its crap UI, I’m really limited in the number of tracks I can have in storage — so I haven’t gone beyond 128MBs (yes, MBs!) via SD card.

Recently the battery door on the jWin broke and I’ve been thinking of getting a better MP3 player.

Yesterday at Staples I finally saw the iPod Nano. Here are two comparison pics:


As you can see, the jWin has a monochrome LCD display. It’s a two-line all-text UI. I have a hair band wrapped around the jWin to keep the broken battery door (see lower left) shut.

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