AnTuTu X Shatters My World

Previously here: Third Samsung Galaxy S III Test

Wherein I published this:


That score … does not seem to be valid.

On that same Galaxy S III, tonight I got curious and ran AnTuTu 4.x and the cheat-defeating AnTuTu X and got these two scores.

AnTuTu 4.x:



AnTuTu X:



That’s significantly more than an 11,000-range score!

So all this time I thought I could possibly get away with something with that 11,000-range score, I’ve been wrong.

This means that for minimum, non-pulling-out-my-hair, performance with Google Books PDFs and Foxit Mobile PDF on an Android device, I need something in the 15,000-range.

So all those Allwinner A31-based devices — such as the Colorfly U781 and the Ramos K1 and others that score in the 11,000 range (honestly, with AnTuTu X) — I was right to avoid them.

And that Acer Iconia A1-810? It scored in the 12,000-range. That would be too weak as well.

I doubt this information will help anyone, but I wanted to set the record straight. At the very least, this has helped settle things for me in terms of what hardware I need.


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