Some Of 2013 In Review

These are not all the posts from the past year. Nor are they even the most interesting. It’s a potpourri of stuff, loosely organized alphabetically by sometimes-loose categories.

New Blog Header
New Year, New Header

Shove Your Logic
Logic: Made For Machines, Not People

How The Windows RT Nook Will Happen And Its Price

Books: Amazon
Will Amazon “AutoRip” Print Books Too?
Welcome To My 2006, Kindle Users!
Amazon + Liquavista
The Amazon Phone Rumor Again
Amazon To Introduce Kindle Paperwhite In China This Week
No eInk Kindle In China (Yet?)
Kindle Paperwhite Leak In China
Kindle Launches In China May 31st
This Is Why Amazon Will Do A Phone
As Expected, Kindle Enters China Market
Amazon Announces Storyboarding Tool
Worth One-Fourth Of An Instagram
Kindle Matchbook
New eInk Paperwhite Kindles
How Amazon Could Make Its Phone Free
The Incredibly Stupid Thing Amazon Does
All Aboard The Graft Train!
Amazon Pushes Prime In New TV Ad
The Amazon Drone: Thunderbird 2 2.0

Books: The Nook Dream Begins To Die
Nook Media Is Killing Itself In The Womb
Barnes & Noble Needs To Go Nuclear
Countdown To The Death Of The Nook Begins
Barnes & Noble Nook Bloodbath
The Changes Nook Media Must Make
Brave Talk From Nook Media’s William Lynch
The Sad Slow Ending Of The Nook
The Market Barnes & Noble Ignores
Armageddon Nook HD+ Sales Are A Yawn
Armageddon Nook HD+ Non-Sales Update
Nook Media’s William Lynch Should Resign
All Nook Tablets Are Now Orphan Devices
The Nook HD+ Is A Financial Sinkhole
Barnes & Noble Takes First Step To Phasing Out Nook Tablets
Barnes & Noble’s Shocking Nook Tablet Sale
Nook Touch Jumps In Deadpool With $20 Fire Sale
Barnes & Noble’s Magical Nuclear Tour
Barnes & Noble’s Strange Moves
The Color Nook Death Sale Has Begun
Is Anyone In Charge At Nook Media?
The Color Nook Death Sale Continues
As I Said First: Color Nooks Are Dead
Nook Media: A Sinking Ship
Nook Media Deletes William Lynch
Barnes & Noble Tries To Un-Titanic Nook Media
Barnes & Noble’s New, Dumber, Final Nook
Nano-Fondle: Nook Glowlight

Books: eBooks/DoJ/Google
The Desperate Mood Swings Of John Sargent, Part Two
Amazon Best-Sellerdom Ain’t All That
Memo To Scott Turow: Just STFU Already!
French Government To Steal Books
French Book Theft Targets American Writers Too
Scott Turow Opens His Yap Again
Unclear Developments In The French International Book Robbery
Boss Jobs And His Apple Mafia
Another Book Publishing Mafia Member Falls
China: eBooks, Writers, And Writing
Apple Guilty Of eBook Conspiracy
More Proof The Big Six Of Publishing Are Run By Morons
Apple’s Greed Did Itself In
Sony Abandons The Country That Made The Sony Reader Possible
Scribd Offers eBooks By Monthly Fee
Lucha Libro: The Future Gets Worse For Writers
Agent Andrew Wylie Shits On Readers And Writers
Google Won. Next!

The Sockpuppets Of Twitter
A Necessary Periodic Reminder
Twitter Sockpuppetry Confirmed
Just How Prevalent Is AnTuTu Score Fraud?
Did IMP3Net Remove A Review Of The Chuwi V88?
IMP3Net Pulled Its Chuwi V88 Review And Changed It
AnTuTu Reveals China Tablet Score Fraud
Chinese Sites Try To Blame Users For AnTuTu Score Fraud
Examples Of Advertorial Graft At Chinese Tech Sites
Astroturfing, China-Style
Astroturfing, China-Style, Confirmed
The Rat In The Machine
Graft-Seeking NY Times Blogger
Discerning Advertorialism In Chinese Tech Sites
Allwinner: Fraud Inside?
I Love The Smell Of Chinese Revisionism In The Morning
I’m Disgusted With China’s Cheating
Chinese CPU Maker Actions Caught In AnTuTu Score Fraud
Allwinner A31s AnTuTu Score Inflation
AnTuTu X Vs. Onda V812
Samsung Caught In AnTuTu Cheating
The Non-Coincidence At Samsung
All Aboard The Graft Train!
Animals Are Not Toys
Prosecute The Bankers
Ramos Finds New Way To Cheat At AnTuTu With Atom CPU

Cyprus Meltdown
The Day The ATMs Stopped Working
Cyprus Launches Financial Andromeda Strain
The Financial Monkeywrench Of Cyprus
Are You Paying Attention Yet?
Cyprus: No Cash Until March 26th
Cyprus Looks Like Toast
The Definition Of “Cyprus” Is “Screw You”
Cyprus: The Machine Begins To Consume Itself

Google Books PDF Tests
Second Samsung Galaxy S III Test
Google Books PDF Death Match 1: Nook HD+
Google Books PDF Death Match 2: iPad Mini
Google Books PDF Death Match 3: iPad 4 With Retina Display
Google Books PDF Death Match 4: Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0
Google Books PDF Death Match: Aftermath
Third Samsung Galaxy S III Test
Google Books PDF Death Match: 2013 Nexus 7
Google Books PDF Death Match: Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0, Again
Google Books PDF Death Match: Dell Venue 8 Android Tablet
Fondle: Dell Venue 8 Pro Windows 8.1 Tablet
Google Books PDF Death Match: iPad Air
Google Books PDF Death Match: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition
Google Books PDF Death Match: Retina iPad Mini

Miscellany (unsorted):
Secondhand Lions: Belief
Today’s Must-Read
Steve Wozniak Defines Passion Through Deeds
The Eventual Death Wave
Updated: PDFs For Free
Now That Gerry Anderson’s Dead, Let’s Get Rich!
Future Or Just Fad?
Jesus Christ And The Dog-Woman
Take The Grunt Work
The Greatest Advice That Should Be A Book
A Modern Napoleon Hill Story
Playing Hide And Seek With Yes
Refuse The Invitation
The Fourth Level
For All The Underdogs
Trevor Yuile’s Orphan Black Season Finale Music

Movie: Skyfall
TV: Jo
TV: The Following
TV: The Following, Episode Two
Doctor Who: The Bells Of Saint John
Doctor Who: The Rings Of Akhaten
TV: Orphan Black
Doctor Who: Cold War
Orphan Black: Episode Three
Doctor Who: Hide
Orphan Black: Episode Four
Doctor Who: Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS
Orphan Black: Episode Five
Doctor Who: The Crimson Horror
Orphan Black: Episode Six
Doctor Who: Nightmare In Silver
TV: Touch, Series Finale
Orphan Black: Episode Seven
The One Kitchen Nightmares To See
Doctor Who: The Name Of The Doctor
Orphan Black: Episode Eight
Orphan Black: Episode Nine
Matt Smith Leaving Doctor Who
Orphan Black: First Season Finale
TV: Top Of The Lake
The Twelfth Doctor: Peter Capaldi
Noone: Redemption, Martial Arts And Romance
Breaking Bad
Hulu: Supercar, U.F.O.
The Blacklist
An Adventure In Space And Time
Doctor Who 2013 Christmas Special: The Time Of The Doctor

Napoleon Hill
1921: Napoleon Hill: Not His Finest Hour
Napoleon Hill Miscellany
Napoleon Hill: The “Missing Pages”
Napoleon Hill And The Master Key
Napoleon Hill: More Miscellany
Another Bit By Napoleon Hill Surfaces

The Past Still Lives
1922: The Disruptive Technology Of Radio
1922: How Charlie Taught Me To Laugh at Failure
Orison Swett Marden: Success
John Kitto
The Ultimate Truth
1903: Portraits Of Magazine Publishers
Free Libraries Equal Free Minds
1903: Two Amazing Views Of NYC
A Clever Guilt Trap
Rejecting A Carnegie Library
We Are This Future
The Value Of A Google Books PDF
Mr. Selfridge And The Crockery
The National Math
1908: Andrew Carnegie
1903: Writer Anna Katharine Green & Husband
Kickstarter 1770-Style
1907: A Writer Of Books
1920: Mail Order Is Doomed
Charles F. Haanel Advertisements
1920: Advice From Charles M. Schwab
Passenger Air Service In 1921
1921: The First Use Of The Term “Snail Mail”
A Flying Monstrosity From 1921
The 1920s Scheme To Create A National Bookstore Chain
1954: Electronics Wizards
The Forecast For 1976 From 1954
1954: RCA Vs. CBS For Color TV Creation
1911: Surface Japan
Gems Of Genius
Gems Of Genius 2

Some Of The People Who Died
R.I.P. Aaron Swartz
R.I.P. Actor Richard Briers
R.I.P. Actor Frank Thornton
R.I.P. Henry Bromell
R.I.P. Chinua Achebe, Writer
Joe Weider And The Bullshit
R.I.P. Richard Griffiths, Actor
R.I.P. Writer Roger Ebert
R.I.P. Carmine Infantino, Artist
R.I.P. Margaret Thatcher
R.I.P. Annette Funicello, Actress/Singer
R.I.P. Jonathan Winters, Actor And Genius
R.I.P. Writer Cort McMeel
R.I.P. Ray Harryhausen, Special Effects Artist
R.I.P.: Writer Iain Banks
R.I.P. [Writer Kim Thompson, Singer Slim Whitman, Actor James Gandolfini
R.I.P. Writer Richard Matheson
R.I.P. Doug Engelbart, Computing Pioneer
R.I.P. Actor Dennis Farina
R.I.P. Actress Karen Black
R.I.P. Writer Elmore Leonard
R.I.P. Actress Julie Harris
R.I.P. David Frost
R.I.P. Writer Frederik Pohl
R.I.P. Writer A.C. Crispin
R.I.P. Dr. Candace Pert
R.I.P. Writer Tom Clancy
R.I.P. Filmation Co-Founder Lou Scheimer
R.I.P. Writer William Stevenson
R.I.P. Nelson Mandela
R.I.P. Writer Colin Wilson
R.I.P. Barbara Branden
R.I.P. Actor Peter O’Toole
R.I.P. Actor, Writer, Director Tom Laughlin
R.I.P. Actress Joan Fontaine
Doomsayer Must Now Answer To He Who Will Not Be Fooled
Al Goldstein Is Dead

State Abuse
Seriously: MYOFB
Occupy Wall Street: Staggering Court Victory
Occupy Wall Street: All Gone
D-Day Was For Nothing
“The Normal State Of Business”
Restore The Fourth
Thank You
Occupy Wall Street: Stalwarts
Occupy Wall Street: July 20, 2013
Our Founding Malcontents
A Line Has Been Crossed
Occupy Wall Street: Two-Year Anniversary
Stop. Watching. Us.
Chinese Products: Spying Inside
Who’s Paranoid Now?
How Long Will This Be Ignored?
“Buy From Our Store. We’re NSA-FREE!”
Trust Is The Glue That Binds Us Together

R.I.P. webOS
Countdown Clock Begins To Yahoo Screw-Up
One Terabyte Flickr
Steve Ballmer Finally Does The Math
Open webOS: Now Too Late
And So The Inevitable End Of Nokia
Twitter Has A New Problem: Follower Bombing
Intel-Inside Tablets For US$100 This Year
The iPad Mini Has Eaten The World
R.I.P. webOS (Again)
Microsoft Pioneers Disintuitiveness
My Twitter Account Has Been Bombed Yet Again
Dell Venue 8 Pro: Windows And Android
Best Buy: Their Worst Last Hope
AnTuTu X Shatters My World
The Tragedy Of The HP Slate 21

Congrats To Liz de Jager!
Writer Derek Raymond: New Images
Murderati Blog Ending
Writer Derek Raymond: Rare Videos!
Transcript: Writer Derek Raymond Rare TV Interview
J.K. “Galbraith” Rowling
Writer Derek Raymond Offers Hope To All Of Us
The Care And Support Of A Writer
Nikki Finke Going Solo Again
An Immortal Reader Review
The Girl With The Bank Account Tattoo
Saving Mr. Banks, Killing P.L. Travers

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