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E FUN Unveils iPad Mini Clone

iPad Mini clones are starting to escape from China via other brands.

First there was Archos. Now comes E FUN.


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Acer: New 4:3 Tablet And Two Android AIOs

Acer busted out with three press releases of interest and WTFery this morning.

The first is the long-awaited update to their 7.9-inch 4:3 Iconia A1-810, which I’ve mentioned before.


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Blizzard Day

NYC has been hit — at least in my part of NYC — with a freakin foot of snow.

I don’t have photos yet. Was too busy shoveling the crap. And now I’m inside trying to get full feeling back in my fingers and toes. It’s twelve degrees Fahrenheit outside. With wind.

I’ve already seen pre-CES product announcements I want to post about but expect delays and sporadic posts today due to this — as they stupidly say on TeeVee — “snow condition.”

When the hell does Spring begin?

Same-day update: It is too miserable outside to even think about going around with a damn camera. So, no pictures this time.

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