Acer: New 4:3 Tablet And Two Android AIOs

Acer busted out with three press releases of interest and WTFery this morning.

The first is the long-awaited update to their 7.9-inch 4:3 Iconia A1-810, which I’ve mentioned before.


The new A1-830 is the same form factor, with the same miserable 1GB of RAM, still at 1024 x 768 resolution, only this time it has an Intel Atom CPU: the Z2560 at 1.6GHz. This should give it the same 20,000-range AnTuTu score as the Dell Venue 8 tablet. In other words, this is just another par for the course tablet and not the powerful update I had hoped for. On the other hand, the price is just US$179.

Acer, which really has problems of its own making, doesn’t have an American press release for it yet. Here’s the one from their UK site.

Although they tout its IPS screen, hopes should not be raised. The original A1-810 had an IPS screen too, which I described as being dim:


Next up are the two WTF Android All-in-Ones.


The first is the weirdly-named DA223 HQL. Where the hell are their branding consultants?

This one has a 21.5-inch screen of unknown resolution (although “it supports FullHD” — whatever that means these days) with ten-point multitouch. That ten-point is an improvement over the HP Slate 21. But they saddle this with a 1.7GHz Snapdragon 600 CPU. What? A CPU designed primarily for mid-range — or even budget — smartphones being used in an Android AIO? When LG used that CPU in its G Pad 8.3, it was widely condemned in the press. So should Acer be for this move. And the kicker? A price of US$699!

So Acer’s first announced pure Android AIO for 2014 is too weak and too expensive. Why even bother? Even if the RAM and internal storage are as they should be, I can’t see everyday people spending $700 for any Android AIO. That’s more than a Windows box.


The second Android AIO is the TA272 HUL. Will people remember that name at all? No.

Anyway, this has a whopping 27-inch screen at 2560 x 1440, with ten-point multitouch. It has a Tegra 4 CPU and 2GBs of RAM and 16GBs of internal storage. According to an earlier report at Liliputing, this is a Smart Display — even though Acer’s own press release today is touting it as an Android AIO.

Whether it’s a Smart Display for Windows that just happens to also include Android or is an Android All in One on its own really doesn’t matter. Why? The price is a gasp-inducing US$1,099! Maybe Windows people will buy it as a screen but I can’t see anyone who wants an Android AIO paying that much.

If Acer can get the damn thing in actual brick and mortar stores, they might sell some of the new A1-830 tablet. It’d be the only 4:3 tablet at that price.

As for the two new Android AIOs? Dead in the water.

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One response to “Acer: New 4:3 Tablet And Two Android AIOs

  1. M. Smith

    Agreed. Still trying to figure out who their target audience is for that pricepoint. It’s definitely not for the business community has it uses Android. Definitely not for the home owner as it basically is just a streaming/surfing monitor (and a real expensive one to boot). Definitely not for the jet setter as it’s too big and definitely not for the gamer because… well you get the point.


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