Coby Electronics: Dead For Months

And somehow I was able to miss this major news until today!

Coby Electronics Shuts Down, Taking Customer Warranties With It

What led me to think about Coby today is next week’s CES. I wanted to see if they had new cheapo tablets to introduce. Whoops!

I once tried their iPad clone — their first 9.7-inch tablet — it was molasses slow.

I found out yesterday that Velocity Micro has gotten out of tablets. Which, given their products — see this and this and this — is like a curse lifted from Mankind. I’m certain the downfall of Borders was accelerated because they sold Velocity Micro’s Cruz line of crap for their final Christmas, ruining that holiday for many people.

I think craptab vendors like Coby, Cruz, and Aluratek poisoned the retail well. Stores stocked these, got burned by customer returns, and that led them to shrink the tablets they now stock. Which is why the HP line of new tablets can’t be found at retail stores — nor can the LG G Pad 8.3 and other once-prominent brands.

So really, it’s good riddance to Coby. People don’t want just cheap. They want cheap and good.

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