Google Books PDF Death Match: iPhone 5s

The Google Books PDF Death Match series of posts:

– Part One: Barnes & Noble Nook HD+
– Part Two: iPad Mini
– Part Three: iPad 4 with Retina Display
– Part Four: Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

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Google Books PDF Death Match: Retina iPad Mini

Laura Fullton kindly ran my test on her new iPhone 5s.

But first, I had this Comment from mr. bisch:

Since I was bugging you around here with my questions, it seemed only appropriate to chime in with the latest news.

Finally, I ended up with the iPad mini retina and I must say it’s perfect for e-reading. Absolutely perfect. Screen is meticulous and I have iBooks handling some heavy PDF’s for me and it’s doing so without a hiccup. Granted, I have downloaded them via GoodReader (essential app, IMO), but the end result is what matters, I guess…

Battery life is also amazing. Currently it’s a bit over the 6h of usage with 55% left; few hours of YouTube streaming over WiFi, casual browsing (embedded video viewing included) and reading. No gaming.

Not a mere recommendation; this is absolute must for anyone looking for 8″ e-reader with some bells&whistles.

And who can afford the damn thing.

So he says that, once again, Apple Wins.

Now the video from Laura:

And she said via email:

The American Magazine test wasn’t as easy, I guess because of the file size. A download attempt from within TweetBot crashed the application after less than a minute. I tried Safari next, but it crashed too after about a minute and a half or two minutes. I tried again, but it still crashed. So I wasn’t able to figure out how to download it directly from the phone!!! Perhaps if I had tried a different app, I could have done so.

I then downloaded the pdf on the Mac and transferred it to iTunes, but I wasn’t able to get it to sync to the iPhone without plugging in the cable (even though I turned on automatic downloads for Books — maybe that doesn’t work on PDFs). All that took about 30 minutes. I was about to give up and connect my phone with the cable, but then I remembered I had the AirShare app, and I was able to quickly transfer and view it. Within AirShare it displays very nicely and scrolling takes less than 1-2 seconds per page, even when the pages aren’t cached.

AirShare doesn’t let me transfer the PDF to iBooks so I wasn’t able to try it. I don’t have GoodReader for iPhone (only iPad) so I couldn’t have tried that anyway.

And, finally, when she finally got the two PDFs on the iPhone 5s:

For American Magazine: Open: instantaneous; Slow Swipe: Fluid with no delay; Fast Swipe: 1 sec delay; Random jump: 1-2 sec delay max.

Processed World is even better, no swipe delay at all for anything. Random jump displays a page instantaneously.

So she says Apple Wins too.

And now let’s compare it to the current leading contender (until I can finally try the HP Slate 8 Pro!), the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0:

The iPhone 5s is even snappier than the Note 8.0! And — and! — it’s being snappier with a Retina display.

Apple wins. So far.

But I really want a microSD card slot…


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2 responses to “Google Books PDF Death Match: iPhone 5s

  1. Yeah, ok so Apple wins now but if you wait long enough the others will all be “good enough” for what you want anyway.

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