Writers: Just Write, Period.

What I thought I wanted versus what I really wanted

My biggest mistake was not choosing to write the stories that fascinate me the most either emotionally or intellectually.

Just write.

It’s not your job to wonder if your work can be sold.

There are people called marketers who do that job.

And what if you’re self-publishing?

Your job is still just to write.

I saw a bit of a ridiculous movie this weekend: The Guns of Fort Petticoat.

God, it was awful.

I came in during the climactic battle of the fort, with all these women taking up rifles and shooting Indians — and being killed by Indians.

I kept thinking, “Well, look at this. A movie full of women! How could they ever get this made today?”

Which was exactly the wrong thing to think.

That’s Suit thinking.

And because Hollywood engages in that — and relies on the latest con artistry — stories that would otherwise excite people and make a fortune never get produced.

But that’s not your problem.

Your problem as a writer is just to write.

Tell that story that doesn’t fit anywhere, that can’t be slotted into the label on any damn shelf, that makes marketers wonder how the hell they’re supposed to actually earn their damn paychecks.

That’s what people are looking for.

Not formula.

Not something that’s like everything else.

The entire point of being a writer is to bring to people things only you can bring to them.

And as for The Guns of Fort Petticoat?

That’d be one hell of a remake if done today.

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