Five Technology To Use Rockchip 3288 First


Two days ago it was revealed that Five Technology will be the first to use the new Rockchip 3288 CPU [Google Translate].

Today it was revealed that the Retina-class iFive Mini 3 will use the 3288 [Google Translate and Google Translate].

That’s a bit of an earthquake.

Five seems to be banging the marketing drum, also announcing that their Android 4.4 KitKat update is now available [Google Translate].


This post about the KitKat update also has a link to a Chinese rooting utility [Google Translate].

It should be kept in mind that Five Technology’s original iPad Mini clone came very late. Although they’ve since gained experience in doing tablets, a Retina-class Mini 3 could still face the same magnitude of delay.

Their original Mini 3 used the Rockchip 3188. That chip was a finished product already proven by other tablet makers. This time they’ll be going with a brand-new CPU, the 3288. Who knows if there will be delays in Rockchip finishing it and manufacturing it? Will poor chip yields lead to the same secret fiasco as the 3188, which was specced as 1.8GHz but had to be run at just 1.6GHz?

Aside from the CPU, there’s the Retina-class screen. Will they be able to get enough of them to meet demand, to even do enough of a production run to prevent shortages? Will the screen be pure white or tend towards blue or yellow?

And how much work will both Rockchip and Five Technology have to do to optimize Android for the 3288? (Side issue: Is Rockchip’s Multiwindow Android dead or will it pop up again in the new Retina-class Mini 3?)

We’ll have to see.

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3 responses to “Five Technology To Use Rockchip 3288 First

  1. Thomas

    At least potentially great news for some of mini fans.

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