Ainol Shows Why Retina Isn’t Just Pixels

Ainol released a new flagship 9.7-inch tablet with Retina-class display and the new Actions 7039 CPU [Google Translate].

And they’ve provided another lesson in what to look for in a Retina-class tablet.

Pixels aren’t the only thing that matter with a Retina-class display.

The color depth is important too.

So what did Ainol bring?

Ainol brought a pathetic 8-bit color screen:

Click = big

Same-day update: As pointed out to me on Twitter, 16 million colors is 24-bit color. Clearly I was too deficient of caffeine this morning. But what’s up with the Chinese claiming an 8-bit screen can do 16 million colors? I must fact check them more carefully in future.

Anyone looking for iPad-level Retina must demand full 24-bit color:

Click = big

For some people that might not matter. On the other hand, it’s bound to come back to haunt you when it really matters. Chinese tablet makers are still cutting corners.

Again, this new tablet is using the latest Actions CPU, the 7039. This is their new top-of-the-line CPU.

So how did it score in AnTuTu X?



Um, yeah. It’s just a wee bit lower than a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone.

However, my own test with AnTuTu X actually scores the S III in the 15,000-range.

So, there’s a bit of wiggle room in there.

But clearly the new Ainol tablet, despite being Retina-class, is nothing worth buying either in terms of performance or in terms of screen quality.

So everyone who’s excited by the news of a Retina-class iPad Mini clone from Five Technology? Wait for the full specs to come out.

A side note for those interested in reading massive Google Books PDFs: There’s a paragraph in that review [Google Translate] about reading a 250MB scanned PDF. Unfortunately, the latest revision of Google Translate is so bad that the paragraph is thoroughly nonsensical. If anyone can read the original Chinese and provide an English translation in Comments, that would be helpful.

At about 2:15 into this video, he demonstrates reading PDFs:


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