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Photos, Video: Retina Screen iFive Mini 3


You can thank the Hungarians at tech2.hu for getting this!

While everyone else seems to have ignored the Rockchip booth at CES, they went there and came across the new iFive Mini 3 with Retina-class screen!

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Rockchip Releases Android 4.4 KitKat

And it looks like Rockchip’s Multiwindow Android is dead.


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Chuwi Announces Rockchip 3288

As expected, the race to provide tablets with the new quad-core Rockchip 3288 is on.

Shortly after Five Technology announced it will be first,. Chuwi announces it will join the club [Google Translate].


It remains to be seen if Chuwi will improve their industrial design so that microSD cards don’t protrude.

As I expect other tablet makers to also announce they will adopt the 3288, I won’t be doing each announcement. I mention Chuwi only because its V88 was a very popular tablet.


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HP Makes Me Go Hmmmm

HP to Re-Enter Smartphone Market With “Phablets” in India


Another feature HP is counting on: They’re thin. The Slate 6 is slightly less than nine millimeters thick while the Slate 7 is 9.5 millimeters.

If the render is accurate, HP is capable of sleek and Samsung-like design.

That also makes me wonder if we’ll see the Slate 8 Pro get a fast redesign to conform to the style above. Since it seems to mainly be available via HP’s website, there wouldn’t be a huge disruption to retailer inventories.

But hah! This is HP. I’m only fooling myself. Cue sigh of longing.

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