Photos, Video: Retina Screen iFive Mini 3


You can thank the Hungarians at for getting this!

While everyone else seems to have ignored the Rockchip booth at CES, they went there and came across the new iFive Mini 3 with Retina-class screen!

All screensnaps taken from the 720p version of their YouTube video. Click for large views!


First proof it’s their Retina-class tablet:


Nothing at the right side or bottom:



As will be seen in the video — it was too quick to screensnap clearly — nothing on the left side either.

Everything is at the top:


I’m not sure if that’s a reset or mic hole; then, 3.5mm headphone jack, micro USB (which is also used for charging), microSD slot, and Power button. If you didn’t notice: There’s no HDMI-out port or any Volume buttons.

Second proof it’s their Retina-class model:


Although notice it’s running Jelly Bean, not KitKat. So this is a prototype of some kind. We can only hope the version that goes on sale has Volume buttons but I won’t expect an HDMI-out port.

Third proof this is a Retina-class screen, contrasting its screen …


… to the original Mini 3 nearby:


This may be hard to discern in stills but it’s evident in the video (although your own view might vary depending on your screen at home).

IPS screen dimmed to minimum …


… and then at maximum brightness:


What was running:


Unfortunately, they didn’t go into Settings to show Storage. I would have liked to have seen if this has 2GBs of RAM. But it must. It’d be suicidal for any tablet maker to offer a tablet with a Retina-class screen that has just 1GB of RAM. However, there’s the bad example of HP releasing the Slate 8 Pro with a 1600 x 1200 screen and a stingy 1GB of memory. We can only hope iFive does not imitate them!

I have to say that this looks very, very good. No one has ever complained about the build quality of the original iFive Mini 3. And as far as I can recall — I’ll double-check in the days ahead — despite its all-metal back, there were no problems with the WiFi signal. (I’ll also have to check past reviews for Bluetooth being included.)

The thing about iFive, however, is that even today the original Mini 3 has a higher price than other iPad Mini clones. When I peeked just yesterday, it was US$230. This Retina-class version will likely have an even higher price.

But I have to say this looks more appealing to me than the HP Slate 8 Pro. If I were to risk ordering something from China, I’d be more willing to bet on iFive. The only reason I shunned the original Mini 3 was its inadequate 1GB of RAM. Otherwise, it looked good.

As usual, disclaimers: Will it have 2GBs of RAM? Will the RAM throughput be sufficient? Will it have Bluetooth? Will the screen be full 24-bit color? Will Android be stable on the new 3288 CPU? Will it do Miracast? If Google does a massive change to Android, is there enough Flash storage for it to be installed?

Now the video:

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12 responses to “Photos, Video: Retina Screen iFive Mini 3

  1. CATN

    Hi Mike,
    Thanks for the update on this.
    In terms of the original FNF Mini3, you can pick these up for under US $200 (check out Banggood as one example).
    Assuming the pricing relativity stays the same for the retina Mini3, I’d expect that the market price should sit around US $250 – $260.
    Having said that, at launch time they’ll probably charge a bit of a premium on this based on assumed hype as the first 3288 – I honestly think the global android community is going to be all over this when it comes out.

    To your other points, I think you’re right in assuming it will have bluetooth but will not have HDMI. This was the case with the original mini3.
    And surely 2gb RAM. SURELY!!!
    Thanks again for following this product. Really looking forward to hearing when the release date on this will be!

  2. t3ch7

    Interesting that the new ifive mini 3 is running 4.2.2 while the old one next to it is running 4.4 (not the official 4.4.2 release ifive put out a last week). Probably a preproduction model.

    Regarding the ifive mini3 (non-retina) – wifi strength is okay. When the signal is weak like around -70db, throughput drops tremendously, but it still able to hold a connection. So, while it’s slow, it’s somewhat usable. The device also has bluetooth built-in.

    Regarding no HDMI, it looks like the mini3 supports miracast? I know when I go into the settings, under display, there is an option for wireless display (strangely called Cast Display under the 4.4.2 rom).

    While Retina is nice, I wonder if the new mini 3 will have the resolution dropping option (to 1600×1200) in the settings like the Pipo M6 Max Pro.

    With my relatively positive experience using the Mini3, the retina one interests me due to the RK3288 and the hardware h.265 decoder. So, this is something I’ll keep an eye on when it comes out.

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  4. Mathew

    I’m really interesting in the iFive mini 3 retina aswell…

    Any updates about it? I’ve seen several resellers claim to sell it within the next 1-2 weeks.

  5. aezelle dela cruz

    where in the philippines repair my touchscreen ifivemini3?

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