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Archos 79 Platinum


Archos 79 Platinum tech specs

This looks like a Rockchip 3188 tablet. Just 1GB of RAM with a paltry 8GBs of storage.

I knew this was inevitable after the 79 Xenon.

After the break, a video of the 79 Xenon.

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Retina iFive Mini 3 Begins Pre-Sales Next Week

I’m stunned at the speed at which this tablet seems to be coming to market.

Beginning January 20th, it will go on pre-sale at a discounted local price of 899, with a regular market price of 1299 [Google Translate] at Taobao (Tmall).

To put that regular 1299 price in perspective, the original non-Retina iFive Mini 3 is selling at Tmall for 799 (down from 899) and the iFive 3 — a Retina-class 9.7-inch tablet — is just 999 (down from 1399).

As of post time, 1299 Chinese Yuan equals US$214.50, while 899 Chinese Yuan equals US$148.45 (currency conversion via Google).

A Retina iPad Mini with 16GBs of RAM is US$399.

As if the price wasn’t stunning by itself, there’s more about the iFive Mini 3’s specs. And they all look damn good.

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Free PDF Magazine: Tablet Horizons

The site PadNews produces a monthly PDF magazine called Tablet Horizons that basically reprints some of their news in PDF magazine form [Google Translate].

It’s all Chinese-language, of course, and bizarrely formatted for landscape:


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