Retina iFive Mini 3 Begins Pre-Sales Next Week

I’m stunned at the speed at which this tablet seems to be coming to market.

Beginning January 20th, it will go on pre-sale at a discounted local price of 899, with a regular market price of 1299 [Google Translate] at Taobao (Tmall).

To put that regular 1299 price in perspective, the original non-Retina iFive Mini 3 is selling at Tmall for 799 (down from 899) and the iFive 3 — a Retina-class 9.7-inch tablet — is just 999 (down from 1399).

As of post time, 1299 Chinese Yuan equals US$214.50, while 899 Chinese Yuan equals US$148.45 (currency conversion via Google).

A Retina iPad Mini with 16GBs of RAM is US$399.

As if the price wasn’t stunning by itself, there’s more about the iFive Mini 3’s specs. And they all look damn good.

First, it’s thinner and lighter than the Retina iPad Mini:


Retina iPad Mini: 7.5mm 331g
Retina iFive Mini 3: 7.4mm, 290g

Or so they say. I won’t kid myself on this point. When actual buyers get their tablets, they too often find that the weight and thickness claims were fraudulent.

Five Technology has already been caught out shipping their Retina-class 9.7-inch tablet, the 3, with bezels quite larger than the renders they pimp [Google Translate]:

However, here also needs to be noted that, in fact, the body is not as narrow border propaganda on the map, but compared to the previous generation narrower nothing, do not be misled by the official propaganda figure oh.

Another company that’s been caught at this is Ramos, with the K1 having significantly wider bezels than its renders.

So I won’t be surprised if someone with a micrometer and scale shows these thickness and weight claims to be somewhat exaggerated.

Second, a big increase in storage speed:


For more information about SanDisk’s iNAND Extreme, see their page.

That should help a lot with loading big games — and opening massive Google Books PDFs. I can’t find a comparison with the storage speed for the Retina iPad Mini, so this has to stand on its own.

Third, better WiFi:


So called “WiFi 5G” should alleviate most concerns about the all-metal back, I think. There should be an improvement over the way the original non-Retina Mini 3 handled WiFi (which wasn’t too bad, and better than the Chuwi V88, considering its all-metal back).

All of the above illustrations come from the post linked to at the start. Five Technology, at post time, still isn’t listing this at their own site.

Nevertheless, those illustrations should be considered official from Five Technology.

Which means there will be no Volume buttons and no HDMI-out port.

Well, I can live with that. Screensnaps can be done using an optional software button available in Settings. And I really hate wires, so using Miracast would be fine with me.

Five Technology seems to be making up for the time they lost getting the original non-Retina Mini 3 to market. They were too late then.

But now the question becomes, will they be too early? I wonder how many firmware updates Rockchip and iFive will have to push out to address stability concerns because of a hasty release.

We also still don’t know if it will have 2GBs of RAM.

Finally, the pre-sale. There’s no idea how long a wait it will be until delivery. No official release date has been given. While pre-sale is sometimes an indication of imminent release, this time the post notes a “relatively long delivery period” — with perhaps an additional thirty day wait after official release date. I wouldn’t expect this to be earlier than April. I’d be shocked if it came out and shipped in March.

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3 responses to “Retina iFive Mini 3 Begins Pre-Sales Next Week

  1. Thomas

    Really hope that theyes don’t change their QC from the ffirst edition. Will be a great tablet if they are consistent.

  2. David

    The quality of my iFive mini3 is fantastic. Great screen and good battery life. It just needs more ram. I haven’t loaded the new KitKat firmware. Just waiting for any bugs to get ironed out. Let’s hope that this new model keeps up the high standard and comes with more ram.

  3. kardan

    about memory (RAM) description say it have 2Gb
    Memory Capacity: 2GB
    mini 3 retina have difference from regular mini3 only retina display and + 1Gb RAM
    RK3188 not enought for fullhd-retina displays in native resolution. dont think that this is good tablet. i prefer to wait new rk3288 or octa core MTK, even it more expencive – +20-30$ (170-180$) no problem for smooth retina display.

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