HP Slate 8 Pro Reviewed In France

French: Test: HP Slate 8 Pro, puissance et très haute résolution

Google English: Test: HP Slate 8 Pro, power and very high resolution

They fault battery life and standby (idle) time.

Otherwise they generally like it.

And BAM:


Yeah, that Tegra 4 rocks.

Since Five Technology decided to be fast to market instead of best to market — using the older Rockchip 3188 in their Retina-class iFive Mini 3 — I’m paying more attention to the Slate 8 Pro.

I just wish HP would do so too! No version with 2GBs of RAM in sight yet.

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4 responses to “HP Slate 8 Pro Reviewed In France

  1. Those numbers are impressive IMHO. With numbers like this is 1 GB of ram worth fretting over? They are getting faster results with less ram than what I am using and reading about. I would love to get my hands on one to see the time it takes to resize text to screen size. I am always waiting for this Nexus 7 to adjust text to screen size. Never timed it and it is not ages but there is a very noticeable delay. Of course I do an extrodinary amount of reading multiple page articles. This Nexus 7 has also convinced me that your belief that 4:3 screen size is the way to go for reading. Thanks for posting this. Till I get around to getting one there will be something just a little better on the scene.

    • mikecane

      2GBs of RAM matters just for viewing bloated web pages and having them open in multiple tabs. Never mind how much smoother everything becomes with more RAM.

  2. E.T.

    see also review at http://www.androidpolice.com/2014/02/14/hp-slate8-pro-review-so-close-yet-so-far. He reports problems with the touchscreen, that he feels the 1GB RAM and that the tablet is nice looking but “bulky”.

    • mikecane

      I wonder if his unit is defective? No one else reported a touchscreen issue, but maybe they didn’t try typing on it. Some reviewers aren’t comprehensive like that. As for the 1GB of RAM — that’s what I expected to read after the issues with 1GB iPad Mini clones from China. It remains to be seen how serious HP is about tablets. Although there’s better help in their forum than in Dell’s (Dell as zero!), that really doesn’t mean much if the engineering team hasn’t been working on getting KitKat out.

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