iFive Mini 3 With Retina Screen: Official Full Specs



Five Technology just added the page to their site today.

And this now makes no damn sense.

The CPU is listed as A9. If it’s going to be the Rockchip 3288, it should be A12.

And the GPU is listed at the Mali 400 — not the Mali T76x that’s paired with the 3288.

So the report of Five using the 3288 for the Mini 3 was incorrect [Google Translate]?

I don’t think Five would play a trick on us, so I take the specs as they are.

Given that it’ll be using the same CPU and GPU as the original Mini 3, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s released by mid-February.

All this new Mini 3 will be is an upgrade of the original and not the leap in CPU horsepower I was hoping for.

I’m not sure if this is something I now want. It’s difficult to justify going with a Rockchip 3188 when the Tegra 4 is available.

Same-day update: What’s missing in the specs — so far — from iFive? Any mention of Bluetooth!

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10 responses to “iFive Mini 3 With Retina Screen: Official Full Specs

  1. Thomas

    Was hoping for the RK3288. This could change my opinion. Wish some more vendors would use the Tegra4 in these clones. Seems like it would be perfect for retina clones.

  2. t3ch7

    RK3188 with retina? Great little chip, but I can’t see the Mali 400 pushing all those pixels when gaming. This new Mini3 will probably be a good e-reader, internet browsing tablet and less so for gaming unless ifive puts in the 1600×1200 resolution downscale option like in the Pipo M6.

    I think the product pages mentions about using faster LPDDR3 memory? Maybe if they do get some fast system memory, performance should be okay.

    Also, hopefully, ifive gives the new mini3 a more powerful wifi antenna so throughput doesn’t drop tremendously when signal strength is weak.

    I’ll wait for the eventual ipad mini 2 clones that come out with the RK3288 later in the year.

  3. Thomas

    The new memory is interesting as is if they include the option to downscale to 1600×1200. If that is an option I can this being somewhat great device, minus all the chipsets set for spring.

    Tegra4, why wouldn’t nvidia not wanna pit their chip in as many devices as possible.

  4. CATN

    This is disappointing news for what was potentially going to be a game changer to the budget tablet market.

    Slightly off topic Mike, but do you think the budget Intel chips (Clover Trail or Bay Trail) could do a better job of delivering retina than the RK3188?

  5. The PowerVR SGX-544 MP2 @ 500 Mhz (a la’ the Z2580 used in all the Intel touting China tabs at present) should drive more pixels more quickly than the Mali-400 MP4 in the RK3188… Which wasn’t horrible at retina resolutions… so it wouldn’t be a total fail.

    Regarding the new Mini3 HD – I will echo what others have said, if they have a 1600×1200 or similar display resolution option it will be pretty nice. If not, I would avoid it. To bad no RK3288….

    However, the eMMC storage is a very big upgrade over the original Mini3 as I had read that several folks noted very slow load times on games and I would hope that eMMC would fix that.

    Kind Regards – Roman

    • mikecane

      The question remains if the screen will be driven at full Retina spec or be throttled down to 1600 x 1200 as others have been. We won’t know for some time.

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