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The 3G iFive Mini 3 That Never Was

I was going through my bookmarks for posts about Five Technology and came across two reports I’d forgotten all about.

These are from mid-October at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair. Five Technology was displaying a Mini 3 model they never released and never mentioned again [Google Translate, Google Translate]:


A render with a light back and plastic endcaps. Wild!

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WTF Tablet Pricing

From this week’s flier for Staples:


Click to enlarge that and look carefully.

You’ll see that a 32GB Kindle Fire HDX with seven-inch screen is US$10 more than a 32GB Dell Venue 8 Pro with eight-inch screen running Windows 8!


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Chuwi’s New Industrial Design

In two posts, Chuwi pimps its upcoming seven-inch 3G tablet, the VX1 [Google Translate, Google Translate].


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Where’s Acer’s Aspire One Tablet?

1Pad wonders why Acer hasn’t produced a tablet as popular as its Aspire One netbook [Google Translate}.


I’m not sure if they’ve heard of Acer’s upcoming A1-830. It should do well if Acer can actually get it in stores.

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