Chuwi’s New Industrial Design

In two posts, Chuwi pimps its upcoming seven-inch 3G tablet, the VX1 [Google Translate, Google Translate].


This will have a Mediatek 8382 CPU and an 8MP back camera with LED flash. No other details have yet been released (although the image of the back lists 16GBs for storage).


Two new renders were released in a forum post [Google Translate]. This is one of them:


An examination of the renders shows different apps as the main four at the bottom. The above render shows a Flashlight app on the main screen!

Renders should not be taken as reality. Both Five Technology and Ramos have been caught with renders that don’t match their finished products. The same fraud discrepancy might hold here.


1) Is this an augur of what Chuwi’s next iPad Mini clone will look like?

2) It doesn’t seem to use UltraStick to provide 3G. Is UltraStick already dead or is this design just too thin for it?

3) There are three openings at the bottom. Despite enhancing the image, all I can really make out is the middle one being a microUSB port.

4) Although this is being touted as a “tablet phone,” why is there a rear speaker? It seems to me a phone would have it on the front.

I post this only to show Chuwi’s new design. Otherwise, I won’t be posting about it further because seven-inch tablets simply don’t interest me.



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2 responses to “Chuwi’s New Industrial Design

  1. Thomas

    Mike, I like to wee a change in the design theme, what’s the chances this influence’s the mini?

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