Where’s Acer’s Aspire One Tablet?

1Pad wonders why Acer hasn’t produced a tablet as popular as its Aspire One netbook [Google Translate}.


I’m not sure if they’ve heard of Acer’s upcoming A1-830. It should do well if Acer can actually get it in stores.

I’m not saying it’ll be the Aspire One of tablets. Netbooks weren’t something I had an interest in after user reports. Anyway, they seem to be focused on Acer doing a Windows 8 tablet.

At any rate, the real eye-opener in that post is this:

The Tablet PC Android because there are free and open and low-cost ARM chip solution, the cost can be staggering low price, such as Shenzhen, China will be able to manufacture large quantities of the full $35 a tablet computer products, is said to be found fly factory, then good product experience.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

A tablet for just US$35 at factory price?


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