Retina iFive Mini 3 Pre-Sales


The Tmall page.

According to this post [Google Translate], there’s contradictory information at Tmall. The 899 pre-sale page states delivery will be March 5th.

Another page at Tmall, for the full 1,299 price, states delivery will be February 20th.


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5 responses to “Retina iFive Mini 3 Pre-Sales

  1. I hate how they use these renders/images knowing that the actual product won’t have razor thin bezels like that. The actual device will probably not have the smooth gradients indicative of higher screen quality, either.

  2. I am in America. How do I purchase this at this price? tMall does not deliver to United States? South Korea?

  3. rambleon

    You can preorder them at merimobiles and dealsprime – but they don’t appear to be discounting

    • mikecane

      From time to time there are also holiday sales in China where tablets are discounted. The middlemen resellers never pass along the discounts.

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