Rockchip 3288 = 40,000-Range AnTuTu Score?

I couldn’t wait for the kindness of translators, so I’ve decided to do this post not knowing any Chinese at all.

Will the new quad-core Rockchip 3288 CPU have an AnTuTu score in the 40,000-range?


I think that’s what the above image is claiming.

In a forum thread about the Onda V975m [Google Translate], there’s this post:


I think the “2W” refers to 20,000-range because that’s what I’ve seen as a fraudulent (“optimized” with quotes as cough-cough) AnTuTu score for the Allwinner A31s. See this post.

I further think the “3W” in this YouTube (from YouKu) video about the Onda V975m …


… refers to its 30,000-range AnTuTu score (which is also shown via IMP3Net in this post).

So, from those two items, I’m making the leap that the “4W” here …


… refers to an AnTuTu score for the Rockchip 3288 in the 40,000-range.

If my reasoning is correct, that leaves one question: Will that be an honest AnTuTu score?

Anyone who can read Chinese is welcome to tell me in Comments where I’m wrong.


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5 responses to “Rockchip 3288 = 40,000-Range AnTuTu Score?

  1. Ric Day

    That could be correct “w” signifying ten thousand. The unit 10,000 (萬) is commonly used across China while 1,000 is not. In Cantonese and some other southern Chinese dialects, the unit is spoken as “maan” while in Putunghua/Mandarin it is pronounced “wan” … Which would account for the “w” in both instances. Good sleuthing, Mike!

  2. Thomas

    If this is close to the benchmarks, I hope they take their time with working out the bugs. But not to damn long, I want my mini retina.

  3. Roman

    IT actually translates “The First Run of 4w?”

    So the real question is the 4w….

    Also, you might find this really helpful, it is quite cool! I don’t know Chinese but it is what I used to translate the image…



  4. Roman

    Going with the above comments “The first run of 40,000”

    Yeah, sounds like an antutu score. Very nice!

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