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Chuwi’s New VX Tablet Series

It looks like there won’t be an iPad Mini clone with the new VX industrial design:


At least not in the first wave.

Full specs of the new Chuwi seven-inch VX1 tablet [Google Translate].

Two posts about the three hundred-plus changes Chuwi has made to Android to differentiate its new VX tablets with its new “WIUI” interface [Google Translate, Google Translate].

Previously here:

Chuwi’s New Industrial Design



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Big Leak: Sony 6.44-Inch Tablet

Same-day update: And it’s no longer a leak. Sony announces it in Japan and Engadget says it’s going for the equivalent of $500 there. Ouch!

This could really shake things up. A 6.44-inch tablet from Sony. Apparently Sony neglected to request confidentiality at the FCC and everything has leaked [Google Translate].


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