Chuwi’s New VX Tablet Series

It looks like there won’t be an iPad Mini clone with the new VX industrial design:


At least not in the first wave.

Full specs of the new Chuwi seven-inch VX1 tablet [Google Translate].

Two posts about the three hundred-plus changes Chuwi has made to Android to differentiate its new VX tablets with its new “WIUI” interface [Google Translate, Google Translate].

Previously here:

Chuwi’s New Industrial Design


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9 responses to “Chuwi’s New VX Tablet Series

  1. Thomas

    By the grid, the VX3 will be an 8inch screen with full HD?

  2. M. Smith

    Okay, I’m confused. According to the link below, the MT8382 is a quad core A7 CPU with a Mali400MP2 GPU. I can’t understand why Chuwi, with the new tablets coming out, would make a HD tablet using a crap SoC like this.

    • mikecane

      I think mainly because Mediatek is the current CPU that has 3G built into it. It’s an addition to the 3188 and I think A31s too, increasing cost. Since I have no interest in these VX tablets, I can’t get excited over the CPU one way or the other.

      • M. Smith

        I suppose though a tablet with this type of resolution is going to command big $. Why then put a crappy SoC on it. Chuwi already has a 3G tablet with the v883G (uses a MT6589). It goes for roughly $260 and guess how many people are stoked about it…… (insert crickets here).


  3. Roman

    The design looks nice. But a Mali-400mp and Quad-A7 will never drive a panel well with that high of a resolution. Chuwi I think new their design and build-quality was sub-par so they are releasing something tagged with “industrial design” … good move for them! However that choice of SoC is ridiculous. They should have just raised the price and paid to tack 3G onto a better chipset. My-2-Cents

  4. Roman

    EDIT: I guess it could drive a 1280×800 display but not the 1920×1200…

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