Five Technology Goes Small And Plastic


Five Technology will release an all-plastic 7-inch screen tablet of unknown specs [Google Translate].

Low-end tablets have been popular in China after Colorfly broke ranks and released one with a record-low price. Other companies jumped on the bandwagon.

The thing about Five, however, is that they’ve built a reputation for Apple-like quality. So is this their “iPhone 5c”-like tablet?

And if that render’s screen is true to the finished tablet, it won’t have the iFive skin.

Update Saturday January 25, 2104: The product page is now up.


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9 responses to “Five Technology Goes Small And Plastic

  1. Roman

    No iFive skin…. what a loss…

  2. Roman

    Plastic isn’t the end of the world if it is done well. It is just much harder to do well….

  3. Roman

    Also, I will note that the iFive X2 used a LOT of plastic. The design definitely didn’t feel as slick as the Mini3 but it was a very well-built device because it actually had (I think) a solid magnesium alloy frame that was underneath the plastic back panel.

  4. Roman

    Sorry, lots of comments – my other thought is… will it have an IPS panel? I have been using a PiPo S1 Pro all week and the performance is really zippy (it should be, RK3188 on a 1024×600 screen…) but it uses a TFT display panel and it is just killing me. If they managed to get an IPS panel in this device and the processor is at least halfway decent + good build quality and hit US shores under $140ish it could actually be a very nice device for the price.

  5. t3ch7

    1024×600 with a what looks like a RK3026 (dual-core A9@1Ghz+Mali400MP2). LOL.But, I guess for $50 it isn’t that terrible (for what’s essentially a throwaway) besides the obvious laggy performance due to slow nand memory Chinese manufacturers like to put in their tablets to save that 10 cents.

    • mikecane

      I don’t see how anyone can put up with those things. Buying something cheap like that is just inviting frustration into your life.

  6. I have used an RK3168 based device- It actually wasn’t bad at all. Very responsive. I wish they had gone that route. It is also 28nm so very power efficient. I don’t know much about the 3026… :( – based on the specs on Wikipedia for an RK3026 I would tend to agree – asking for frustration… Dual-A9 at < 1.4 Ghz = lag…. usually… I just wrote a whole article on NAND vs. eMMC vs iNAND… included a bunch of performance benchmarks to. I won't spam your comments with links =) but it is on the blog section of my site if anyone is interested. I grabbed a bunch of performance numbers from Slatedroid and bar graphed them all to compare devices .Found it rather interesting. Anyhow, regarding this device, if by some stroke of last minute decent thinking the DID happen to use an RK3168 AND it has an IPS panel…AND the build-quality is decent… it wouldn't be an awful device for the price-point. Lots of IF's and ANDS though…

  7. Cool thanks! For anyone that is interested:

    I am no storage guru so that is basically me writing out my best understanding of storage technologies as plain-spoken as possible. Also, the numbers of the Mini3 HD are purely guesswork/speculative based on some reading I have done. It should have quite good Random Write speed if the performance numbers from the parts hold true at all (they never hold completely true in the real world, the question is how badly are they degraded…)

    Running the blog on my own site I know how post spam tends to go :(. I have about 4 different anti-spam modules going and I don’t allow links in comments (everything is forced to plain-text). Anyhow, I try to be respectful.

    Kind Regards,


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