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My Own Tablet Thinking At The Moment, Part Three

This is an update to: My Own Tablet Thinking At The Moment and My Own Tablet Thinking At The Moment, Part Two.

The new leading contender is the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4.


Highest-resolution screen at that size, octa-core CPU (for the WiFi-only version) and 3GBs of RAM. It’s not 4:3 but I see nothing other than that as an objection. Plus, it will have MultiView.

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First Photos: Pipo Ultra U8T

The Pipo Ultra-U8T is the first iPad Mini clone to combine the Rockchip 3188 CPU with 3G.

At the IMP3Net forum, someone has announced receiving one [Google Translate]:

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Five Technology Goes Small And Plastic


Five Technology will release an all-plastic 7-inch screen tablet of unknown specs [Google Translate].

Low-end tablets have been popular in China after Colorfly broke ranks and released one with a record-low price. Other companies jumped on the bandwagon.

The thing about Five, however, is that they’ve built a reputation for Apple-like quality. So is this their “iPhone 5c”-like tablet?

And if that render’s screen is true to the finished tablet, it won’t have the iFive skin.

Update Saturday January 25, 2104: The product page is now up.


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Set Cudgel On Repeat

Baldur Bjarnason has taken up the book publishing cudgel I’ve more or less abandoned in disgust.

This is a must-read: Except, except, except

There’s nothing there I disagree with. Some of it I’ve said myself years ago.

And that’s the fucking thing with book publishing: People have to say the same thing over and over again because it never sinks into their lizard brains.

No. Not picking up that cudgel again.

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Chuwi’s New VX Tablet Series

It looks like there won’t be an iPad Mini clone with the new VX industrial design:


At least not in the first wave.

Full specs of the new Chuwi seven-inch VX1 tablet [Google Translate].

Two posts about the three hundred-plus changes Chuwi has made to Android to differentiate its new VX tablets with its new “WIUI” interface [Google Translate, Google Translate].

Previously here:

Chuwi’s New Industrial Design


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Big Leak: Sony 6.44-Inch Tablet

Same-day update: And it’s no longer a leak. Sony announces it in Japan and Engadget says it’s going for the equivalent of $500 there. Ouch!

This could really shake things up. A 6.44-inch tablet from Sony. Apparently Sony neglected to request confidentiality at the FCC and everything has leaked [Google Translate].


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Rockchip 3288 = 40,000-Range AnTuTu Score?

I couldn’t wait for the kindness of translators, so I’ve decided to do this post not knowing any Chinese at all.

Will the new quad-core Rockchip 3288 CPU have an AnTuTu score in the 40,000-range?


I think that’s what the above image is claiming.

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The Onda V975m

This isn’t a tablet I’m interested in. I’m posting about it only because I had to revise my iFive 3 post due to it.

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This is 9.7-inch Retina-class tablet using the new Amlogic M802 quad-core CPU allegedly running — if you believe’s Onda’s hype, and you shouldn’t — at 2GHz, with 2GBs of RAM, and an octa-core Mali 450 GPU.

I note it only because it’s set a new record for a Retina-class 9.7-inch — for now — of a 30,000-range score in AnTuTu 4.x.

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iFive 3 Is A Peek At Retina iFive Mini 3

The iFive 3 is a 9.7-inch tablet with the same specs as the 7.85-inch iFive Mini 3. Both have Retina-class 2048 x 1536 IPS screens.


The main difference is the battery capacity. The 3 has a 8400mAh battery, the Mini 3 will have 5200mAh. I’d be very surprised if anything else changed because it’d upset the economies of scale Five Technology gains from keeping all else the same.

Note also that the 3 here is running Android 4.2.2 while the Mini 3 will have Android 4.4 KitKat.

A forum poster has a long thread about it [Google Translate].

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Retina iFive Mini 3 Pre-Sales


The Tmall page.

According to this post [Google Translate], there’s contradictory information at Tmall. The 899 pre-sale page states delivery will be March 5th.

Another page at Tmall, for the full 1,299 price, states delivery will be February 20th.


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