Blue Tomato T2 On Video


The blue edition of the Tomato T2 is rarely seen.

After the break, a video from Russia.

The video unboxes and lightly tests both the Tomato T1 and T2 tablets. I’ve concentrated on the T2 with these screensnaps all taken from the 720p version of the video (click to enlarge).




The UltraStick slot to add 3G (might not work outside of China):


And this is a real WTF:


How can it score in just the 15,000-range in AnTuTu? This is an octa-core Exynos 5410 CPU at 1.9GHz! It should be at least in the 29,000-range. I wonder if he had things going on in the background that dragged down the score? I also note that AnTuTu is reporting only four cores, at just 1.8 — not 1.9 — GHz. So this could be some sort of weird AnTuTu error. (I also note that Tomato is now waffling on the GHz. Listing it as 1.8GHz on its home page but still 1.9GHz on the product page.)

AnTuTu compared to the MediaTek-based T1:


See, the NenaMark score makes sense …


… but that AnTuTu score sure doesn’t!

Now the video:

Although I previously deleted the Tomato T2 from my list of potential tablets, with no HP Slate 8 Pro with 2GBs of RAM yet in sight, I’m beginning to waver about it. That horsepower (which is supposed to be in the 29,000-range of AnTuTu) is appealing.

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2 responses to “Blue Tomato T2 On Video

  1. Thomas

    Do you know if the screen is 16bit or is it higher?

    • mikecane

      No, I don’t. I forgot all about that possible Gotcha! Anyway, I have another post coming today about prices that’s upset all of my tablet thinking.

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