Freelander Miracast Dongle

iambillbil pokes at the new Miracast dongle from Freelander with a variety of tablets and screen resolutions [Google Translate].


This post, despite some mangling by Google Translate, is worth a see. It answers some — but not all — questions that have been asked here about the relationship between a tablet screen, video resolution, and the target TV screen. It’s also interesting that the dongle does DLNA (I’m not sure they all do).

It should be remembered that Miracast sends a compressed stream to the target device. This tends to introduce latency that can be frustrating if you plan to do any work with a mouse or other pointer. But for just seeing things on a large screen — video, photos, web pages — it’s good enough for right now. Of course, there’s always room for improvement. But this is still better than snaking a 10-20 foot HDMI cable from a tablet to a distant TV (when HDMI-out is available — something that’s not on the iFive Mini 3).


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2 responses to “Freelander Miracast Dongle

  1. E.T.

    Another option is approaching: A Chromecast dongle ($30-35) + the $5 AllCast App. see, e.g.,

    • mikecane

      Now that Google has opened Chromecast to devs, it will probably be a better choice if it can eventually do everything that Miracast offers.

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