Google Books PDF Death Match: Dell Venue 8 Pro

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@TheTechChat was kind enough to do the Google Books PDF test of The American Magazine I mentioned in a prior post.

Video after the break.

That is epic!

It’s faster and smoother than any Android tablet I’ve yet tested.

It’s also way faster than the low-end Atom tablets I tested at the Asus Event. The combination of Bay Trail CPU and Foxit Mobile PDF really make a huge difference in performance.

This is very exciting.

I’ve waited since the first generation of the iPad for tablets — any tablet — to finally handle Google Books PDFs — of any size — acceptably.

Same-day update: Here’s the video I did with the Dell Venue 8 Pro and the default built-in PDF reader. Look at the difference!


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6 responses to “Google Books PDF Death Match: Dell Venue 8 Pro

  1. He didn’t seem to be scrolling very fast like I did.

    • mikecane

      Doesn’t matter. The way the pages popped mattered. And the pinch-zoom to page views was incredible — a great leap ahead of the original Atom tablets I tried from Asus.

  2. fm

    I compared the scrolling on the Youtube video to the Tegra Note 7 (1280×800, 1GB), and the Tegra 4 is slightly faster than that. I scrolled from the Campbell’s ad and from the Illustration of the man and woman. The upcoming screen content in vertical scrolling shows up earlier. However, the Foxit app seems to drop out of the PDF to the file selection screen after awhile (or many pages). This could have to do with the RAM, only 1GB on this device, or possible app and/or Android revision issue. So it seems like 2GB is likely to be better. I even ran the Tegra 4 in dual core mode, and it was still faster. I didn’t compare the text sharpness, though the Dell might be sharper while zooming in/out.

    As mentioned, the pricing of these Intel and/or Windows tablets is being pressured by the Android devices. Micro Center has the Dell Venue 8 Pro 64GB in store pick up for $249.

    Did you try page flipping mode on Foxit? Single tap left or right edge for auto page scroll. It seems vertical might be faster than horizontal, or maybe it just seems that way.

    • mikecane

      I usually do the page flip, but TheTechChat used vertical scrolling. What impressed me was the speed of page rendering, which seems to be a wee bit faster than everything else I’ve tried so far. I still haven’t been able to get to any possible HP Slate 8 Pro in a store to try. Thanks for the report.

    • I took the video with my Nexus 5 in one hand and used the Venue 8 Pro in the other. So I wasn’t being particularly fast or graceful. I’m not sure if that impacted how fast things seemed–maybe, maybe not.

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