Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4: US$399

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro, Tab Pro Series Coming to U.S. February 13

And that made me go to the Best Buy site, where I found:

Click = big

Samsung – Galaxy Tab PRO 8.4 – 16GB – White

Samsung – Galaxy Tab PRO 8.4 – 16GB – Black

Absolutely ignore the dimensions at the listings. They’re just wrong.

For that matter, the CPU spec is borked too. It’s supposed to be an octa-core Samsung Exynos running at 1.9GHz. The 2.3Ghz dual-core quad-core in the specs is the Snapdragon 800 CPU — which is supposed to be for the 3/4G version of the tablet.

This is supposed to be in stores on February 13th. It’d be embarrassing as hell for Samsung if it wasn’t — because they’ve sunk a ton of money into having mini-stores in each Best Buy.

I don’t know yet when I’ll get to test this. We’re scheduled for even more snow on the 13th!

Same-day update: And Samsung now lists it with full specs and downloadable manual at their site. And here’s the WTF info on the CPU:

1.9 GHz Quad Core Processor (3GB RAM),


Second same-day update: It seems that the 8.4 won’t have the octa-core Exynos CPU. It’s clearly listed in the specs for the Tab Pro 10.1 and the 12.1 Note Pro. It also seems that only the 12.1 has USB 3.0. All others have 2.2. The 8.4’s screen is described as “scLCD” (what?), while the 10.1 is TFT LCD. No octa-core in the 8.4 is disappointing.

Third same-day update: It turns out “scLCD’ is “Super Clear LCD.”


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