The Pending Disaster

Yesterday’s snow was as terrible as the amount was unexpected.

And there’s more coming.

What’s it’s done so far is bad enough:


Through next week, we could get another foot of snow in total.

It’s not the snow itself that’s bad. It’s the kind of snow. With an ice and snow storm due tonight and tomorrow, everything is going to become even more laden with weight.

It’s bad enough already:


And the trees, they’re all like this:


Throw some ice on top of that and they’re all going to begin to come down.

And they hang over power lines.

This could be a Sandy-like disaster in terms of people losing power.

I hope not.

Update Wednesday February 5, 2014: The storm came and power is still on, trees did not come down, and for most people everything is generally just fine, aside from having to shovel snow that’s even heavier than before.

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