Sony Exits North America eBook Market

Sony Selects Kobo to Bring its World Class eBookstore to Sony Readers in the US and Canada

In a weird twist, both Sony’s eBook division and Kobo are led by Japanese. It used to be, respectively, an American and a Canadian.

What the hell. One last kick in the gut to Sony for botching the tremendous potential of the Reader and for not listening to those who said it needed wireless from the start. Let me link to my original four-part post from 2006:

Sony Reader: Part 1 (of 4)
Sony Reader: Part 2 (of 4)
Sony Reader: Part 3 (of 4)
Sony Reader: Part 4 (of 4)


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2 responses to “Sony Exits North America eBook Market

  1. Keishon

    Sorry to hear this news but I am not surprised by it. Especially since they didn’t make their new ereader available in this market. I’ve bought a lot of ebooks from the Sony Reader Store. Time to go download them all for the last time. So Amazon is looking more everyday to to be the last one standing after all. B&N days are numbered and I’m not 100% sure about Kobo. Just read where Sony’s focus will be on video gaming among others. Good luck to them.

    • mikecane

      Kobo I think will be the last major standing. They’re international unlike B&N and also moved quickly to be on phones and tablets. I expect them to discontinue their hardware at some point, tho.

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