Retina iFive Mini 3: AnTuTu Score

And BAM:


ePrice in Hong Kong managed to get their hands on the Retina-class iFive Mini 3 a few days ago and I just came across their post [Google Translate].

How does that AnTuTu score compare to the 9.7-inch iFive 3 with the same specs? From the prior post:


So yeah, it’s believable. I had hoped it might go as high as 21,000-range, but no such luck.

Here’s the AnTuTu score for the original non-Retina Mini 3 from a previous post:


So although it’s the same Rockchip 3188 but now with a Retina-class screen, there doesn’t seem to be any performance deficit.

Left is a white iPad Mini Retina, right is the Retina-class iFive Mini 3:


Interesting how much the Android UI stuff takes up on screen compared to iOS.

And yes, iFive’s Mini 3 is the Retina-class one. Click through to see the post, scroll down, and click on the sample photograph of the screen. Or just click this copy for a very large image:


Note that the grain is an artifact of the digital camera sensor. Just look at how smooth the text is. That’s Retina-class.

And here’s the first real photo of the Retina-class iFive Mini 3 running Android 4.4 KitKat:


In France, a seller has the Retina-class iFive Mini 3 for 214,99€. To put that price in perspective, Haier will be selling the original non-Retina iFive Mini 3 as the HaierPad 781 for 199€.

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9 responses to “Retina iFive Mini 3: AnTuTu Score

  1. Thomas

    Good find Mike. Obviously the upgrade in the eMMC and 2gb of ram helped. Nice to see that it doesn’t take a performance hit by upgrading to the Retina display. I just wonder what the real world feel would be now. And also if Ifive was smart enough to add in a switch for resolution to 1600×1200.
    Would a mod be able to achieve this if Ifive did not include it?

    • mikecane

      I don’t know about a 1600 x 1200 mode. What was pointed out to me on Twitter is that 2D performance was sliced in half. Compare the two AnTuTu screensnaps for 2D.

  2. hetashostigma

    Thank you Mike for the info about ifive mini 3 retina. This tablet is on my short list.
    Are you sure the HaierPad 781 is the non retina ifive mini3?
    By the way, in France, the price is already 189€ but it is still overpriced!

  3. Thomas

    That does seem odd. Could it be a firmware issue?

  4. E.T.

    It’s up for presale at PandaWill for $200 with the Presell date 2014-02-25.
    The specs state Android 4.2.2 and that it has bluetooth. The battery is
    5200 MAh.

    • mikecane

      Yes, all those specs were known. I’m waiting to see if it comes out on time or if there will be delays like the original Mini 3. So far Five hasn’t posted any Youku promo videos for it. What will matter are user videos showing if the UI is smooth or slow and stuttery.

  5. For what its worth, I over clocked my ifive mini retina and I get an antutu score of 22330.

    2d graphics I scored 1546 and 3d graphics I scored 4408. Can post screenshot if you’re interested. And yes definitely a retina model.

    Wish I knew about the octa core model before I bought this though!

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