VLC Warranty Warning

Installing VLC Media Player voids your speaker warranty!

VLC has a feature that can make the audio seem louder than other players. VLC achieves this by using a process that creates hard clipping (see below in this thread for explanation) which can damage small speakers. Dell has tested VLC and verified that the speakers can be damaged after several hours of using VLC. I believe that HP (Hewlett Packard) also says that VLC damage is not covered under its warranty.

If you choose to use the VLC player, it is suggested that you do not set the volume higher than 100% in order to avoid potential damage to the speakers. If you contact Tech Support about a speaker problem, it is suggested that you do not have the player installed.

From a year ago, but I’ve heard of this only today.

I’ve had to use vlc’s volume increase on a borrowed notebook. Now I know the best thing to do is to use earbuds or external speakers that can produce louder sound.

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