The Onda V975M: Not All That?

Previously, I published from an IMP3Net review an AnTuTu score for this machine that was in the 30,000-range.

Now a user who has rooted the machine has published a substantially different AnTuTu score [Google English]:


I would trust the user’s AnTuTu score. Why? Aside from rooting it, the user installed a modified Onda ROM. What likely happened then is all of the cheats Onda had were bypassed, thus showing its truer — and much lower — AnTuTu score.

This is why I hate writing about Chinese tablets. There’s so much damn fraud. And passing it along in ignorant good faith makes me feel dirty.


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8 responses to “The Onda V975M: Not All That?

  1. edi

    Hi Mike,

    Very interesting. I ran AnTuTu X on Onda V975, with 1.05 software and I got score over 30k similar to the AnTuTu 4. But during the tests I measured, that CPU was clocked up to 2.0 GHz, not 1.6 GHz.

  2. joey

    only 1 user reported this . i wouldnt put too much thought into it unless you have a multiple people experiencing the same thing

  3. Asif

    mike i read some of your blog posts.. you’re quite experienced after having dug thru several chinese tabs which was very nice to see.. um can you please give me a suggestion? Which tablet did you genuinely find to be a good purchase from china? i would prefer for screens above 9inch. thanks a lot!

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