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Google Changes Android To Kill SD Cards

KitKat will make your SD Card completely useless: per the Android API specification, apps can no longer write files to your SD card.

People have already been complaining on the HP Support Forum that they can’t store apps on a microSD card with the Slate 8 Pro. The Support staff (mostly volunteers) have to keep repeating that it’s Android 4.x doing this, not HP.

And now this.

The entire point of my wanting an Android tablet over an iPad is the card slot.

This move by Google to dissuade hardware makers from including such a slot is just jaw-dropping.

It’s already bad enough that people who want to view multi-GB videos in HD are running up against 4GB file limits with card storage — and this is just pouring salt in the entire wound.

I hope the outcry will be loud enough to make Google change its thinking. Card storage is the ace card that makes many people choose Android over iOS devices.


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2014: A Turning Point For Tablets


The Tegra K1 CPU — which has a mind-blogging one-hundred and ninety-two GPUs on board — is another sign that 2014 is going to be a turning point for tablets.

Various sites are reporting it has scored in the 43,000-range with AnTuTu and prototype hardware.

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