The Tizen Trojan Horse

So if this report — Samsung’s updated smartwatch to shun Android — is to be believed, Tizen isn’t dead.

Believing a new class of hardware can make headway in breaking Google’s lock on portable devices, Samsung will use Tizen instead of Android.

That is going to make for some wild confusion.

Will there be two stores? One for Galaxy Gear Tizen apps — and one for the Android phone or tablet host app?!

How exactly is that going to work? And what if Google prevents Android apps that control Tizen devices from being in the Play Store?

There is one company that could give Tizen a huge boost and make it a legit competitor to Android.

Can you guess which company?


At some point, Amazon is going to hit a wall with Android.

As Google continues to tighten its grip over that OS and the open source version of it becomes less useful to manufacturers, Amazon will have to decide what to do.

Do they invest resources in writing the missing Android bits? That’d be like writing their own OS.

The more efficient way to do business is to hop onto another OS.

And that’s where Tizen would fit in.

Amazon has its own Android App Store and wouldn’t be against having Android host apps that control Tizen devices.

And if Amazon were to move all of its Kindle hardware onto Tizen, it’d give that OS a blessing that Samsung never could.

The current partners of the Tizen alliance probably don’t want to hear this, but none of them — not even Samsung — have the power to grant Tizen legitimacy like Amazon could.

Samsung has the failure of Bada and the tarnish of delaying its own Tizen phones. Despite being a global behemoth, it’s really limited in its actual influence. Android is not a Samsung creation.

Amazon, despite releasing a brick-like Kindle Fire 1.0 tablet, has managed to cut itself a nice slice of the hardware pie. And its 2.0 Fire tablets evince a dedication to world-class hardware.

And hanging over all of this is the H-bomb that will change everything: The continued rumors of an Amazon phone.

What if that phone ran Tizen instead of Android?

Only Amazon could make such a beast a success.

For all the talk of there being room for a third mobile operating system — a role Microsoft thinks Windows Phone can fulfill — there’s only one company can can ever make a third mobile OS possible: Amazon.

If Amazon jumps on Tizen, everything changes.

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2 responses to “The Tizen Trojan Horse

  1. mid

    “Despite being a global behemoth, it’s really limited in its actual influence. Android is not a Samsung creation.”

    Nokia was also a behemoth and look where it’s now. Wrong OS choice and large market share + ignoring competition got them into underdog position in just a few years. Despite being “developed” by 10+ big brand names I have doubts in flexibility, power and openness of the whole platform.

    If this OS wants to succeed it has to offer 100% compatibility with Android apps. The easier they make for app transition to their platform the more developers will be interested in offering their service there.

    • mikecane

      Tizen hasn’t been on my radar so I don’t know how difficult it would be for devs to convert their Andy apps to it. Or if it can run an Android emulator. Ironically, before it was Tizen, it was MeeGo. And Elop killed the Nokia N9 MeeGo phone which was something that was so good even I wanted to buy it at the time.

      If Amazon were to step in, I think they could make a go of it being that they are more service than device oriented. It would jumpstart a third mobile OS. And Amazon could bring some leadership to the OS too.

      But the tech world is fiercely competitive and it wouldn’t be like Amazon to want to share with anyone, anymore than Google really wants to share.

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