Archos 80 Helium: Cheap 4G

Via Liliputing comes word of yet another Archos tablet that will probably never be seen widely in American stores, the Archos 80 Helium 4G.


As can be seen from the render, it’s not an iPad Mini clone. Archos has also bizarrely oriented it for landscape as the default.

Straight from their press release [PDF link]:


And the specs too:


It won’t be the fastest tablet around but likely good enough for those who want a tablet that can do pre-paid 4G access (such as via T-Mobile, SimpleTalk, and the like).

What I find interesting is that it’s not a conventional tablet with a slot for the Huawei UltraStick. It seems Huawei has not garnered widespread support for that. Huawei isn’t even using it in their own upcoming tablets!


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