Chuwi VX1 Gets A Review

IMP3Net says mostly favorable things about the new Chuwi VX1 seven-inch 3G “tablet phone” [Google Translate].

I note this review only because of the past popularity of Chuwi’s iPad Mini clones and due to the new industrial design of the VX1. Surprisingly, the finished product matches all of the renders:



It has a micro-HDMI-out port and charges via USB. With just 8GB of internal storage, Chuwi has set the microSD card as the default path to save anything. (That means there’s trouble ahead; see: Google Changes Android To Kill SD Cards.)

Here are the AnTuTu screens:



It’s a MediaTek CPU, so the above score is typical.

Aside from taking issue with some UI changes Chuwi made, the big sore point is the 8MP back camera, which isn’t very good (despite it allegedly being sourced from Samsung!). A sample:


PadHz has some details about the changes Chuwi has made to Android for their new WIUI interface [Google Translate].

Chinese tablet makers are all revving up to produce cell-connected tablets. Chuwi is one of the first to do it in a seven-inch size. It will be going up against another 3G-enabled seven-inch tablet from Huawei. Oddly, not even Huawei will be using the UltraStick it created that allows makers to inexpensively add 3/4G to tablets.

I have no interest in this tablet and will not be writing about it again.

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