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Google Forbids Windows/Android Dual-Boot Tablets

That’s what PadHz is claiming, based on a report from the “Taiwan Economic Times” — the original source of which I cannot find [Google Translate].

Apparently this is Google’s reaction to Microsoft dropping its Windows 8.1 device licensing fee to US$15.

I don’t know that this will break many hearts. It’s interesting to see Google push around a partner like Asus, though.

What’s next? Google somehow forbidding the emulation of Android on Windows desktops and devices?

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What Is Wrong With Huawei?

So Huawei has announced its new HTC One-like eight-inch tablet, the MediaPad M1:


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What Is Wrong With HTC?


According to @evleaks, that’s not a HTC device.

It’s a new eight-inch tablet from Huawei!

Mobile World Congress is happening as I type this and Huawei is about to announce new devices within the hour.

HTC had a bold and sexy new design with its HTC One phone.

And now has had it stolen by both Ramos and Huawei for tablets.

Where the hell is the HTC tablet that looks like that?

To rub salt in HTC’s wound, after the break a new video of the Ramos K1, Silver Edition.

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