Google Books PDF Death Match: LG G Pad 8.3

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A trip into Manhattan today with a side stop at Best Buy finally brought me into the orbit of the elusive LG G Pad 8.3.

I originally lusted after this tablet when it was released months ago. Then I cooled on it as the months passed and it couldn’t be found in any local stores.

Was my pining for it ever warranted?

See the answer after the break.

Very pretty screen:


That’s max brightness. I think the reviews that said it wasn’t very bright either were mistaken or LG boosted the brightness in the later production run.

Nice metal back, fit and finish. It doesn’t feel cheap at all.


Fairly thin and nice in the hand:


But let’s get down to business with AnTuTu X, baby:


I made sure nothing else was running and this was the surprising and rather sad result:



Look at how faaaaar down it is in the list:


Really, that’s an AnTuTu score I’d expect from a Rockchip 3188-based Chinese iPad Mini clone. (Next day update: See Comments regarding that AnTuTu X score).

The performance matched the score, with it being rather sluggish with my test Google Books PDF. It felt slower than the Android Dell Venue 8.

Here’s the video, which I messed up doing by keeping the camera rotated. Still, it’s useful:

Having done this test, I’m now thinking the Retina-class iFive Mini 3 will likely offer similar sluggish performance with very large Google Books PDFs. It’s good enough — but really not good. For all-text Google Books PDFs — such as novels — it would likely do very well.

At the time this post was published, the LG G Pad 8.3 was priced at US$349.00. The new Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 is US$399.00. There is a hell of a lot more than a simple US$50.00 in difference between the two. Go for the Samsung. The LG Pad 8.3 really isn’t worth more than US$250.00 max now.


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4 responses to “Google Books PDF Death Match: LG G Pad 8.3

  1. Ben

    Hi Mike, firstly would like to say thanks for your fantastic blog! I’ve been an avid reader for months now. I currently own an LG G Pad 8.3 and whilst I won’t defend it’s performance as being best in class, it certainly feels at a similar level of snap to my Snapdragon 800 Nexus 5. I’m writing this post however because I’m truly dumbfounded by that Antutu X score. I have just run that same Antutu X benchmark 4 times on my pad and hovered around 25,000 with the last benchmark clocking in at 24,985. I am running a CM 11 Rom and not stock LG but cannot believe that would cause an almost 7k score deficit!?!?

    On another note, whilst I do not regret the purchase, I sunk £230 on the tablet and they can currently be had for £180 from a retailer here in the UK >.<

    • mikecane

      Yes, I wondered about the score too, because initially the score was higher in tests done by others. All I can think is that maybe the G Pad needed a reset, which sometimes isn’t possible to do at a Best Buy (they’re often locked with passwords or then go into a demo loop). Thanks for letting me know the score is likely incorrect. For what it’s worth, I’ve had the same AnTuTu anomalous scoring when doing it on a neighbor’s Galaxy S III. It seems initial conditions must be a certain way for a true score to be gotten. This is why I advise people to download and run AnTuTu X before anything else on a tablet or phone — I think that’s generally how most reviewers do it too.

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